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Ending permanently the
yo-yo effect is now possible.
Meet our new generation
weight loss method. 

Welcome to l ’Institut Bicher website!

We support thousands of women around the world on their journey to weight loss, leanness and wellbeing. 

To provide permanent weight loss methods to the maximum number of people, is what we have at heart. You can now put an ultimate end to excess pounds and to diets. What makes us happy? Allowing you to write a new forever chapter so that you can leave weight issues behind and reclaim your body. 

At l’Institut Bicher, we work every day on being a step ahead in the weight loss field by evolving with the advances in cognitive, neurological and biomechanics’ sciences. 

These scientific approaches are at the center of our programs to give you access to the latest advances in the weight loss field. 

We are convinced that your brain, its automatisms and their impacts on your metabolism and your hormones are the key of weight loss. 

Slimming down permanently by using the body and mind
Without dieting, exercising and starving yourself

Our online programs

L’Institut Bicher team created various programs focusing on weight loss.


Discover our main programs :

Equilibra Mind

Losing weight permanently without dieting, exercising and starving yourself. 

Bye-Bye Sugar

Put a definitive end to your sugar cravings by taking a few minutes per day for this program.

Equilibra Body

A course which is entirely dedicated to healthy eating. A perfect addition to Equilibra Mind. It will help you rapidly stimulate the weight loss process.

The different programs by l’Institut Bicher use several types of supports (audio, pdf sheets, video) to encourage their use in your everyday life, so that they accompany you in your journey toward weight loss in the most convenient way. 


You can directly access these online supports through our private website. You can listen/watch them wherever you are and on any device with an internet connection.


You can access our private website on any device, whether it’s computers, smartphones or tablets. 

Institut Bicher: wellness through body and mind

A question? A query? One of our team members will be glad to assist you from 8am to 4pm.

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