Lose weight sustainably
without dieting, without working out, and without starving yourself

Have you tried losing weight, but you don't understand why you still have those stubborn pounds clinging to your waistline? Or why your friend's lunch is much heavier than yours, but you're the one who's stuck with extra pounds to lose?

If you're familiar with either of these situations, know that you're not alone and that it's not a figment your imagination. 

Unfortunately, we're not all equal when it comes to weight gain and weight loss. But what's behind it all? Your metabolism! 

Your body's natural metabolism rate and diets that you may have tried in the past directly influence the amount of energy you use on a daily basis. In short, if you eat the exact same things as one of your coworkers, have the same amount of physical activity, it's definitely possible that you're not using up as much energy as them and that's why you're gaining weight. 

The good news? Today, it is no longer your destiny to live with your unwanted extra pounds and it is now possible to reverse the process in a very simple way, in just a few minutes a day (and it has nothing to do with what you eat). This is clearly a revolution in the world of weight loss. This discovery was developed by Institut Bicher with the creation of the Equilibra Mind method.

The founder of Institut Bicher, Elodie Bicher, suffered from weight problems for a number of years. Despite depriving herself and trying a number of different diets and methods, none of them actually helped her to lose weight and keep it off. Frustrated and upset, like many others in her same situation, she was tempted to just give up on her weight loss journey altogether.

In the end, the solution was a far cry from low calorie diets, deprivation ,and frustrating methods, which only worsen the weight problems of thousands of people, all while reducing their self-esteem to zero.

The work carried out by Institut Bicher was based on several scientific studies in the field of cognitive science. Notably, a study done by Professor Traci Mann from the University of Minnesota and the research of Nobel prize winner Edgar Douglas Adrian.

Institut Bicher has revealed the surprising way the power of your brain can affect your ability to lose weight. If you are currently suffering from a weight problem, it's because your brain, hormones, and metabolism are programmed to store fat, instead of eliminating it.

Institut Bicher has found the way to reverse this process and transform your metabolism to become a true fat burner.

This change happens without effort, without deprivation, and you can get rid of those extra pounds for good.

In fact, many members of the program reported frustration-free weight loss, something that they could not achieve with conventional methods.

For example, some have lost between a few pounds up to an impressive 46 pounds over the course of several weeks or months.

Since the Equilibra Mind method works directly at the source: your metabolism, you achieve lasting weight loss. You will never have to diet again, which prevents long term weight loss, as evidenced by several scientific studies and explained in the video.



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