Lose weight sustainably

Without dieting, without working out, and without starving yourself

Based on advances in cognitive science and neuroscience over the past few decades, Institut Bicher has developed a surprising method for losing weight, that has nothing to do with what you eat.

Called Equilibra Mind, this method uses the incredible power of your brain to enhance your body's fat burning process. 

Since it's not a part of the body directly involved in digestion, the brain is normally ignored in all traditional weight loss methods. However, these methods are generally far from being satisfactory and they're not bringing desired results. So why not look elsewhere for explanations and consider another approach to weight loss?

What could your brain possibly have to do with the stubborn pounds around your hips and tummy area?

Your brain is in charge of your vital functions. Among other things, it ensures that your body is functioning properly. This is how your metabolism is responsible for ensuring the balance of energy consumed versus energy stored, in the form of fat.

Your eating habits, genetics and daily activities have a direct impact on your metabolism. Therefore, the fat storing process in your body is not just the act of calories in minus calories burned. 

Based on this principle, it is quite possible to utilize your brain to modify your metabolism and the fat storing process.

The Equilibra Mind solution - lose weight in just 15 minutes per day, without frustration, without working out - involves modifying your metabolism

Your metabolism is then boosted to accelerate your weight loss.

This gentle method has helped thousands of women on their weight loss journeys. Today, losing weight is not longer synonymous with frustration, deprivation and guilt at the slightest slipup. It's all about taking time for yourself, at the crossroads of hypnosis and meditation. 



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