Lose weight permanently

Without dieting, exercising or starving yourself

Basal metabolic rate is the energy (or number of calories) required to perform all of your body's vital functions. From one individual to another, the level of energy required can vary to ensure exactly the same functions.

This can be due to things like age, heredity, or hormonal disorders, but also to certain eating habits. 

For example, it's why even if you eat exactly the same things as your best friend, you won't weigh the same.

In the same way, exercising can lead to the development of metabolic compensation. This means that the weight loss expected from physical activity is not the same as that observed in reality. This is due to the fact that your metabolism will self-adjust the energy expenditure of your body to cope with the new physical efforts.

So how do you ensure real, lasting weight loss and get your metabolism to burn fat?

Institut Bicher has developed an innovative technique aimed at boosting your metabolism by modifying your body's natural functions. In order to do this, you will use a part of your body that is not used in tradtional weight loss methods.



Institut Bicher: Wellness through body and mind


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Warning :

Results may vary from one person to another and are not guaranteed.

This is not a medical advice and cannot replace a consultation with a doctor. 

This is not a press release, but an advertisement for the products of the brand Institut Bicher.

This weight loss method doesn’t guarantee miraculous results. It has not been clinically proven but is based upon approaches approved by various scientific studies.

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