Lose weight sustainably
Without dieting, without working out and without starving yourself

Say goodbye to frustration, forbidden foods, hunger, muscle-aching exercises and sweating like crazy!

Are you someone who really wants to lose weight but you're not ready to put yourself through this type of torture? We understand you 100%!

And to tell you the truth, it's definitely the best decision to make when you're looking to lose weight.

We have long been pushed towards a societal view of "more, more, more": do more physically and you will have more results, pay more attention to what you eat and you'll lose more weight...and this applies to areas other than weight loss. It's everywhere.

So what's the issue with this? We're not machines, but human beings with a body and a mind. Both should seek to live in harmony and not be in constant battle.

Excessive diet control that leads to increased frustration over time is stressful for our bodies :

Deprivation causes your metabolism to react almost immediately, by activating what we call "starvation mode". A diet that is too restrictive makes your body think that your survival is at stake. So in order to keep you alive, your metabolism automatically slows down, meaning you expend less energy (fewer calories) to ensure your vital functions. But what does this actually mean? That conventional diets do not work and are often the cause of the infamous yo-yo effect. You lose weight at the beginning and then you put it back on. This happens almost automatically, even without having resumed the eating habits you had pre-diet, because your body will naturally store more.

Similarly, if you hope that exercise will help you shed your unwanted pounds, here's what's likely to happen :

You go from a sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle where you exercise nearly every day. You put your body under intense stress and it doesn't have time to properly recover between each session. When combined, this stress and this inflammatory process can then lead your body to actually store more fat! Which is a shame when you see all the efforts you have made to get in shape.

At Institut Bicher, we believe that the solution lies not in excess (be it with diet or exercise), but in balance and above all, showing kindness towards yourself.

We have developed an innovative method based on advances in coginitive science and neuroscience.



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