The actual Terms & Condition of Sale apply to all orders completed on the website: https://institut-bicher.com (and its subdomains). They can be adjusted or modified at any time. In this case, on the day of the order, the updated Terms & Conditions will be applied to each order. 


Once you place your order, a confirmation mail is addressed to you and your order is registered. When the order is submitted, you receive the necessary information to access the product. The customer commits to give a valid email address to be able to receive the product he ordered. The digital information’s products are accessible digitally and electronically through a member area. 


Our products availability depends on their visibility on the website https://institut-bicher.com


The prices shown are net, excluding delivery fees. The sale is a one-time purchase and does not involve any recurring payment, unless the Customer chose to pay the product over several consecutive months or to register for a subscription. 

In case of a subscription, the subscription fee is to be processed tacitly and automatically for a period which is identical to the one the Customer chose at purchase. Refer to part 7 for subscriptions’ cancellation.  

The prices of the products may be modified at any time. Nevertheless, the price in effect for an order will be announced at the moment of purchase. 


The products are available immediately after purchase.

The products are accessible digitally and electronically through a member area. 


Payments are made with credit card with Secure and Pay or Paypal.com as intermediaries.

The Customer commits to abide to the conditions of use of PayPal or of Secure and Pay. These are trustful intermediaries, operators in the online payment field for years.

You benefit from a period of (fourteen) 14 days to apply your cooling-off period right without any justifications or penalty fees, except for and eventually, the returned purchase delivery fees and bank charges. The 14 days cooling-off period starts as from the date of the reception of the purchases (generally accessible online immediately after payment). Certain of our commercial offers can be eligible to an extended warranty. 

The refund request is to be sent by email by stating the date and the number of the purchase on the address: contact-us@institut-bicher.com Only the refund requests which are sent to this email address will be taken into consideration. In case of refund request, the refunded amount will be paid back by 14 days maximum as from the request notification day. 

Recurring refund requests: it’s nevertheless established that we only accept one refund request per customer on all the products that the customer bought, whether the purchase represent only one or several orders. Any additional refund request will be rejected. 

Note that the subscription to Equilibra Menus is not included in the scope of application of the above agreement.  This product is excluded from the purchases’ category which benefits from a cooling-off period.

The subscription can be stopped at any time by the Customer through a simple email on contact-us@institut-bicher.com The Customer should give precisions on the date and the number of the transaction. Any subscription suspension’s request should be sent at least 10 days before the due date in order for the request to be processed in a reasonable amount of time by the teams of l’Institut Bicher. The access to the product ends as soon as the request is processed. 


The actual Terms & Conditions of Sale and the prices as well are explicitly understood and accepted by the Customers, they declare and acknowledge to be fully aware of them. By this, they renounce to produce any contradictory document and, especially their own terms & conditions of purchase. The action of purchase by the Customer automatically leads to the acceptation of the existing Terms & Conditions of Sale. 

The Customers declare that they are at least 18 years old and that they have a legal capacity or that they have a parental authorization which allows them to place orders on the Website.

The Customers declare that the bank account associated with their credit card used for the purchase payment is theirs or that they have the legitimate authorization to use it if it belongs to another owner. 


The entire texts and illustrations found in the products and services present on this website, whether they are direct or licensed, are protected by copyright and by the legal protection of databases, in accordance with the French Intellectual Property Code. The Customer abides to use all the products and services on this website for documentary purposes only. The customer is not allowed to diffuse or to sell in any way, the content to which he/she has access to. Any other use which is not accredited by the French Intellectual Property Code is to be discussed through a prior and written agreement. 


The Customer is the only responsible for the consultation, for the choice, for the use and for the interpretation of the given information on this website. We don’t accept any responsibility towards the Customers or any other person for the consequences of use of the researched results by the Customer or for any omission after an ineffectual research, inadequate, partial or incorrect, or for the misuse or the information or consulted texts.  

Thus, we cannot be held responsible by law for a declared or undeclared prejudice direct or indirect derived from the use of the information by the Customer or any other person, for an inexact or incomplete information, an index error or a delay in the online release. 

In any way we are to be held responsible for any prejudice, of any kind, particularly business interruption insurance, information loss or any other financial loss deriving from the use or the failure to use the proposed products and services on this website. Furthermore, any assistance given freely for the use of the products and services cannot create additional guarantee in regard to the actual conditions. 

Moreover, the Customer acknowledge that the product is a wellness product and not a medical product, hence, this wellness product cannot replace or delay a consultation with a health specialist. 

The Customer acknowledge that the product is not a replacement for a whole or partial possible medical treatment or medication therapy, and that only a health specialist is able to counsel the Customer regarding this. 

The seller is not responsible in any way regarding any misuse that could be done concerning the product or for the decisions taken by the Customer for his health, his diet, his possible medical treatment or medication therapy. 

The reviews, studies of cases and examples found in the advertisement or articles related to the products should not be interpreted as precise. The results may vary in time, in intensity and from one individual to another. 


In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of the 6th January 1978, you have the right to access and to rectify your personal data. 

We declare all our documents to the CNIL (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés). 

By approving these Terms & Conditions of Sale, you recognize having taken note of our data protection’s policy and agree that we collect and use this data. 

By providing your email address on the website, you receive mails containing information and/or promotional offers concerning products issued by us or by our collaborators. 

You can unsubscribe at any time. You only have to click on the link at the end of our emails. The link’s name is “To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit”. 

Our newsletter is declared to the CNIL and respect the French Data Protection Act. 

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