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The website editor provides a large amount of free information. He always ensures by all means of the quality of the delivered content. Nevertheless, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the information given is adequate to his situation. The user commits to use the information according to his own situation and that he won’t hold the editor responsible concerning the use of information. 

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In the context of its products promotion, l’Institut Bicher loyally and lawfully collects the personal contact details of people ordering the product or who enter their email address to subscribe to our newsletter and to receive specific content. 

The personal contact details handlings done in the purpose of this website have been declared to the CNIL. The entire handlings are accomplished by the website editor (Elodie Bicher). 

For each of these handlings, the user has the right of interrogation, access, modification, opposition and rectification on his/her personal details information: it is possible to ask for the modification, the completion, the clarification of the personal details or that these are updated or erased. 

In particular, it is possible to unsubscribe to the newsletter of the website by clicking on the link sent at the bottom of each our email. 

Our website newsletter has been declared to the CNIL (normal declaration n°1862316). Its aim is to provide advices throughout the form of mails containing information and/or promotions of products and services (ours or those of our collaborators if we believe that these are quality guarantee and that they may help you). 

Obligatory/optional data: to receive the newsletter, it is necessary that you provide us your personal email address. If this information is lacking, it will be impossible for you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Recipients: the recipients of these handlings are the persons registered to the newsletter, the website editor and our subcontractors. 

Transfer outside the European Union: this handling is operated technically by a company in the USA, the ActiveCampaign company, who developed an effective management service for newsletters. 

The personal contact details of our users are used to deliver the purchase and to communicate with our users on potential products and services susceptible to be useful to them. 


The content in all languages except french of this website is the exclusive property of Institut Bicher LLC. The director of Publications is Elodie Bicher. 

The entire texts, posts and pages of this website are and stay the exclusive property of the editor; this also include its organization, its functionalities, its structure, its design, or more generally, the writing choices effectuated. 

The use of this website does not comprise any cessation of intellectual property rights in any way. Any representation or production of its content, apart if there is a case provided by law (eg. quote right), or conditions that are defined below, are strictly prohibited and are established as counterfeit. The editor naturally allows the user to use and to access the website for free, for personal use in a non-exclusive and non-transferable way, as a counterpart of the acknowledgment of these conditions of use. In this framework, the user has the right to reproduce the content of this website on his browser for an instant and direct consultation from his own hands (this excludes the use of robots, for instance, programmed to back up the website). This right is agreed upon a personal and private use. Any reproduction for sharing or for whole or partial diffusion of this content to other persons is strictly prohibited and is established as counterfeit. The content of this website cannot be downloaded, transmitted, diffused, modified, copied, translated, sold, rent, operated, edited, published, distributed, erased, altered, decompiled, disassemble, entirely or partly without a prior written authorization from the editor. 

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