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“Weight loss happens gently and over time, with a guarantee of not regaining the pounds you lose.”

“Institut Bicher has put its finger on the trigger for sustainable weight loss with its Equilibra Mind program, without the frustration of diets and without working out”

“Institut Bicher has developed a unique and innovative method to reprogram your metabolism and lose weight.”

What you will learn in this free presentation 

The surprising organ in the aid of weight loss

If you have a weight problem it is due to your metabolism. You will see you can very easily modify it (without working out).

The dark secrets of corporations 

These are scientific methods, now proven in nutrition, but have been kept secret to the advantage of certain corporations.

Why diets are doomed to fail

95% of dieters do not lose weight, regain the weight they lost quickly, or worse yet: put on more pounds.

lose weight sustainably without dieting, working out, or starving yourself

Immediate access to the program


Have a question? Contact us at: contact-us@institut-bicher.com

What they're saying about us!

Our wonderful community loves the Equilibra Mind effect...here are the results they had:


lost 27 pounds, and is totally transformed!

“I was touched by the personal story of the founder of the Equilibra method because I saw myself in her. My weight problems started when I was a teenager, and over the years the pounds have piled up on my thighs and backside. So much so that I was too ashamed to wear a swimsuit in the summer and found any excuse to stay fully dressed, even at the beach. Thanks to the Equilibra Mind method, I lost 27 pounds! My relatives say that I'm completely transformed. I hope to lose a few more to reach my goal weight of 130 pounds. I feel so much more confident. I really like Equilibra Mind audios. They're really incredible - I had completely underestimated the power of the brain. Thank you Institute Bicher!”


lost 46 pounds, starting a new chapter!

“My extra pounds really ruined my life for several years. I took solace in food and didn't know how to stop. The weight I was losing on low-calorie diets was regained immediately, and sometimes I gained even more. I no longer believe in diets! With Equilibra, I lost 46 pounds! It's been over a year since I started using the method. The audio exercises allowed me to sustain a lasting weight loss . I can say that I have definitely turned the page on living a life with extra pounds. I finally feel free (and beautiful :)!” 


lost 15 pounds, and finally triggered weight loss!

“When it comes to diets, I've tried them all! For once, I found the approach really different and it really gave me the trigger to start my weight loss. I didn't have to live with frustration, be hungry all day long, or feel guilty at the slightest deviation. This is a method that allows you to be respectful to your body while losing weight. It is a real renewal for me and I understand today why I was always destined to always put on weight. Thanks Equilibra! - 15 pounds down."”


15 pounds, no longer fears going to the beach!

“I had gotten a belly and love handles with age and I had a hard time going shirtless. It had become a real problem for me. While surfing the web, I found an article mentioning the Equilibra Mind method. I wanted to test it out and a few weeks later, the results were there! I was able to fit into a smaller pants size and my gut has almost disappeared. I lost 15 pounds and I am no longer dreading going to the beach this summer.”


lost 11 pounds in just one month!

“With work and kids, I had put on a bit of weight. Not too much, but I didn't have the body from my 20s anymore. The method won me over with its approach and I really wanted to learn more about the Equilibra Mind audios. I must also say, that in addition to having lost 5 extra pounds in just 1 month, I am also much more Zen in my everyday life. This is a real plus!”


lost 18 pounds in 1.5 months!

“During menopause I gained a few pounds that I couldn't get rid of. One day, I stumbled upon the Equilibra method and I wanted to test it, out of curiosity. And I'm delighted with my results so far! I even converted my husband who had a small gut to lose. Together, we lost 18 pounds in just 1.5 months.”

Risk free !

For 90 days, if you are unsatisfied, send us an email to let us know and we will give you a full refund. So, you aren't taking any risks. We only want customers that are 100% satisfied!

Equilibra Mind

Transform your metabolism into a fat-burner!

5 powerful Equilibra Mind audio sessions

You can listen at home, on the couch or in bed before going to sleep.

Thanks to these audio sessions you will be able to reprogram yourself in order to lose weight without effort.

Scenarios specifically created for weight loss

We will influence your brain by planting in your subconscious mind scenarios specifically created for weight loss by our experts.

Every word has been meticulously researched to get you in a Theta state to profoundly alter your metabolism. It's the result of years of research and hard work.

Cognitive sciences working for you.

As demonstrated by Dr. Robert Ader from the University of Rochester in New York State.

These scientific techniques are used in neurology, anesthesia, and oncology, but also by top athletes. They are now able to be used to lose weight.

By signing up today, you can take advantage of a special offer and get three extra bonuses

Bonus #1: Equilibra Body (97$ value)

This bonus, called Equilibra Body, is focused on your nutrition.


We're going to review the misconceptions that circulate in 90% of diets that have led you to fail so far. Understanding the reasons why traditional methods fail is to make sure you avoid falling into those same traps again.

5 steps to relearn how to eat without starving yourself and to lose weight sustainably

These are scientific methods, now proven in nutrition, but which have long been kept secret to the benefit of certain corporations. It's a reality that many groups are lobbying in the food sector so certain information is not made available to the public.

10 tips to melt fat without even realizing it

These are very simple rules that you can apply to your life right away. They might seem trivial and and easy to do, but they will instill a profound change in you and will allow you to quickly shed pounds.

Bonus #2: the Equilibra Mind and Equilibra Body coaching tools

In addition to the powerful Equilibra Mind audio sessions, you will receive of a number of Equilibra Mind anchoring tools, destined to instill a profound change within you. 

The Equilibra Body coaching tools complement the diet program. At a glance, they will teach you to know the contents of a healthy and balanced plate, and the composition of your different meals. You will also benefit from seasonal vegetable and fruit calendars to help you with your meal planning.

Bonus #3: 5 healthy, delicious recipes (in video and standard recipe form) that have been perfected by our nutritional experts

"These are the favorite recipes of Equilibra method members, and we are happy to share them with you. They allow you to draw all the benefits of the method. They help you to get the most out of the method.

With these recipes, you will be guided, step-by-step and you will be sure to have a healthy, balanced plate, which will be an ally to your weight loss journey.

By signing up today, you can take advantage of these 5 recipes, and their video tutorials as well! Just hit ""play"" in your kitchen and you're ready to go. You are just one recipe away from your first Equilibra meal."

The Equilibra Mind program is accessible from all your devices: computers, smartphones, and tablets.

To access the content (videos, mp3 files, coaching pdfs...), all you need is internet connection.

How do you acess the program?

The Equilibra Mind method is a series of audio sessions accessed from a private website. You simply need to be connected to the internet in order to listen to them, wherever you are and from any device.

The different bonuses are also available on the private site with the Equilibra Mind and Equilibra Body programs.

The different programs created by Institut Bicher use different types of media (mp3s, coaching tools, videos) so that these programs can have a place in your daily life and accompany you on your weight loss journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast am I going to lose weight?

Low-calorie diets promise you rapid weight loss in just a few days or weeks. But the problem with this is that your metabolism then goes into "starvation" mode. Your body will continue to store fat and get rid of what makes it consume too much energy: your muscles! 

The result? Those pounds you lost on the scale are actually coming from your muscles and not the stubborn fat you've been trying to get rid of for years.

How long am I able to access the program?

You have access to the program indefinitely! You can see and go back to the modules as you wish. All you need to do is connect to the program's private site using your username and password.

How can I access the program?

The Equilibra Mind method is a series of audio sessions accessed from a private website. You connect to the site using your username and password.

The various bonuses offered today are also available on the private site for the Equilibra Mind and Equilibra Body programs.

Our teams have increased the different media formats available so the products offered from Institut Bicher can truly have a place in your daily life.

How does the 90 day guarantee work?

The satisfaction or refund guarantee can be utilized within 90 days of your purchase. All you need to do is send us an email to request the refund: contact-us@institut-bicher.com

Does this program also work for men?

Yes, of course! The method also works very well with men. The audio sessions can impact your metabolism, no matter your gender.

Can I download the audio files, videos, and the online tools to look at them offline?

No, you have to be able to have internet access to look at the content (videos, audio files, coaching tools, pdfs...).

Have another question for us? Concern? 

Write to us at: contact-us@institut-bicher.com

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Immediately access all the content from the Equilibra Mind program and the bonuses.

Immediate access to the program


Have a question? Contact us at: contact-us@institut-bicher.com

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Warning : Results may vary from one person to another and are not guaranteed. 

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